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Eric Bronner

 Eric is a Navy veteran, attorney, and the founder of Veterans for Political Innovation - a national, nonprofit community of veterans mobilizing in support of nonpartisan election innovations. VPI's mission is to make politics less toxic and government more effective through real competition in every November election. 


Andrew Yang

Andrew is a businessman, lawyer, and philanthropist. He was a candidate in the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries and the 2021 New York City Democratic mayoral primary. He is the co-chair of the Forward Party, alongside former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman


Sammy Ravelo

Sammy is an immigrant of the Dominican Republic, Gulf War veteran, and candidate for Bronx Borough President in 2021. He served in the NYPD for 25 years and was a 9/11 first responder. Sammy currently serves as the President of the non-profit Dominican Veterans of America.


Paul Rieckhoff

Paul is an American writer, social entrepreneur, activist, and veteran of the United States Army and the Iraq War. He is the president of Righteous Media Inc and the host of the Independent Americans podcast. Prior to that, he was the founder, CEO and executive director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America .

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Yiatin Chu

Yiatin is President and cofounder of Asian Wave Alliance, a nonpartisan citywide political club and PLACE NYC, a parent-led education advocacy group. Yiatin was appointed by the former City Council Speaker to serve on the Specialized High School Task Force and was awarded the Unsung Shero Award in 2020 for her education advocacy.


John Opdycke

John is the President of Open Primaries. He is an activist and strategist with 25 years of experience working in independent, alternative and reform politics. He is one of the country’s most visible and vocal advocates for primary reform.


Shamsul Haque

Shamsul is President and co-founder of the Rise Up New York, which is a moderate political organization. Previously, he served as a CUNY Trustee Ex-officio & Chairman of the University Student Senate.


Ash Prashar

Ashish Prashar is the former Global CMO at R/GA, a former political press secretary, campaigner and writer – but since being incarcerated as a teenager, his true life’s work has been as a vocal justice reform advocate. He’s campaigned and handled comms for Obama, Biden, and the Democratic Party. Ashish has developed programs for formerly incarcerated people, including youth mentorship programs in London and NYC. He advocated, campaigned for – and often helped write – legislation including bail reform, ending solitary confinement, clean slate, and voting rights restoration. 


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Sal is an attorney, a former teacher who served on the New York City Council for 15 years and was a Commissioner on the 2019 Charter Commission.



Maria Danzilo

Maria is a lifelong New Yorker, mother of three, and an attorney specializing in Intellectual Property. She is a co-founder of OneCity Rising.

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Danielle DeMatteo

Danielle was an original organizer of the Women's March on Washington and is the founder of SheNYC Arts, a nonprofit that fights for gender equity on Broadway. In addition to her political work, she has worked on nearly two dozen Broadway shows.

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Devin Balkind

Devin is a software producer for a distributed energy company and civic technologist who runs WeGov.NYC, a nonprofit good government group.


David C. Eisenbach

David is an award-winning historian and small business activist who founded Friends of the Small Business Jobs Survival Act.


Glomani Bravo-Lopez

Glomani is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and previous Deputy Chief of Staff to New York City Council Member Stephen Levin. He is currently a Senior Advisor to the Brooklyn D.A. and a volunteer NY state lead for Veterans for Political Innovation.


Aaron Foldenauer

Aaron is an Election Attorney and commercial litigator. A former candidate for Mayor of New York City, Aaron now runs


Ed McGlone

Ed is an experienced fundraiser with over 10 years experience working at the University at Albany. He's passionate about election reform.


Raja Flores

Raja is a native New Yorker and world-renowned Surgeon. He is an active member of Community Board 11 in East Harlem.


Nate Lerner

Nathan is an experienced political strategist with experience on over a dozen political campaigns, including Andrew Yang's 2020 and Barack Obama's 2012 Presidential campaigns.


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"Final Five voting creates an open primary where the top five winners move onto the general and then the general is decided by rank choice voting is the gold standard in election reform. They just adopted it in Alaska, we can do it in New York!"

-Rep. Robert Carroll

NYS Assemblymember for the 44th District

"Politicians want to solve problems, they want to work across the aisle, but upon arrival they are told that they must fight in the trenches and avoid fraternizing with the enemy. They hate it, Americans hate it, and nobody wins. Final Five Voting can change that."

-Jonathan Haidt

Professor of Ethical Leadership at New York University Stern School of Business and author.

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